How to Clean and Maintain Your Leather

Hektor + Helena's leather is sourced from the full-grain part of the cowhide. It is not only incredibly durable but ages timelessly. It goes through a natural eco-friendly vegetable tanning method and the result is a striking blend of rich earth toned colours, providing a glowing finish. 

Handcrafted in Florence, Italy by master craftsmen who have been perfecting their skills for generations, Hektor + Helena's full-grain vegetable tanned leather bags will develop a unique and grand patina as they age. This is not something that can, or should, be avoided, and rather is part of the natural ageing process making the bag more beautiful. This makes your piece even more desirable and ensures that no two bags look or products look exactly the same. Proper leather care will keep your backpack, briefcase, or weekend bag looking great for years and assist in providing a lustrous patina as it ages. 

Here are ways to care for your leather that can help maintain it's beauty:  

  • Protect from direct sunlight, moisture and heat
  • Avoid water, however if it does get wet, then dry off immediately 
  • Apply a leather protector annually
  • Condition your leather regularly (for recommended products, please reach out to us!)
  • To keep shape, fill with tissue paper
  • When not using your bag, house it in its dust bag

For most leather bags, applying a leather cream or wax is a good idea. It adds a layer of protection to the bag’s finish, repelling superficial scratches and scuffs.

Choose a cream containing natural waxes: they give a rich look and act as a barrier against dirt and moisture.

When cleaning your leather bag: 

  • Use a clean (micro-fibre, preferable) cloth 
  • Dip it into a simple soap and water solution 
  • Gently clean the surface of your bag 
  • Please do NOT use chemical products to clean your bag! 

After you've worn your bag for a month or so, it's going to lose some of its original lustre. Reapply leather cream or oil every few months, or as needed. And don’t forget to polish the hardware with a soft cloth when you condition it. 


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