Stories and images from the adventures of Hektor + Helena owners and their bags around the world. 

As our first two years in business are almost complete after a very rocky start due to Covid, we thought it would be fun to share the experiences of our first set of  customers as well as our staff and founders and their H|H bags. After compiling stories and photos, we realized we had a bit of a travel guide, so we hope you enjoy. We always love to hear from you, so if you have any photos of your bags in action, please send them in and you will get a special thank you in the form of a discount on your next purchase! 


James Whyte. Financial District, Manhattan, NY. February 2020 

Seneca briefcase backpack on top of matching cognac coloured suitcase, led by man in black blazer with dark dress wearing Rolex.

... This is a crew of entrepreneurs, doctors, DJ's, lawyers, real estate moguls, writers and music producers to name a few, and the list goes on.  We sent our good friend James, a stock broker/financial advisor from Toronto a Seneca Briefcase Backpack and asked him to let us know his thoughts. After a work trip to Manhattan's financial district, James got back to us with the following message: 

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