Hektor + Helena's leather is sourced from the full-grain part of the cowhide. It is not only incredibly durable but ages timelessly. It goes through a natural eco-friendly vegetable tanning method and the result is a striking blend of rich earth toned colours, providing a glowing finish. 

Handcrafted in Florence, Italy by master craftsmen who have been perfecting their skills for generations, Hektor + Helena bags will develop a unique and grand patina as they age. Although your leather will have an exquisite look that is 100% authentic to you, there are ways to care for your leather that can help maintain it's beauty:  

  • Protect from direct sunlight, moisture and heat
  • Avoid water, however if it does get wet, then dry off immediately 
  • Apply a leather protector annually
  • Condition your leather regularly (for recommended products, please reach out to us!)
  • To keep shape, fill with tissue paper
  • When not using your bag, house it in its dust bag

When cleaning your leather bag: 

  • Use a clean (micro-fibre, preferable) cloth 
  • Dip it into a simple soap and water solution 
  • Gently clean the surface of your bag 
  • Please do NOT use chemical products to clean your bag!