H|H Florence Artisans 

In seeking the highly skilled generational artisans, tannery, and production house we needed to help design and bring our vision for our perfect, daily-use, hand-made Italian luxury bags to life, we had some non-negotiable criteria: 

  • The artisans and production house had to either have been previous or current long-term designers and suppliers of one of our favourite, big-brand Italian luxury fashion houses. 
  • Their leather extraction and production practices had to be ethical and environmentally conscious. 
  • Generational experience and production practices 
  • Proof they pay all their staff well above the living wage of the region in which they operate, as well as providing employment benefits 
  • A culture and atmosphere where everyone feels like and is treated like family 
  • Be willing to be audited by H|H on a regular basis to continuously confirm these criteria were being met.   

Photo of a Hektor + Helena luxury handmade Itlalian leather bag being produced in our factory in Florence, Italy.


It wasn't long until we found the perfect match in Daniella and her family's shop. We have so many great things to say about her, her family and her team, but we'll let her do the talking:

Our fabbrica opened shop over 70 years ago in Florence, Italy where our family established itself as a producer of the highest quality artisan leather products, sought by major international brands in Europe and North America. 

Our factory is synonymous with elegance and prestige, thanks to the fantastic materials used and the skill of our artisans, both those in the family and those we employ, many of whose families have been practicing the art for generations. 

We only use leather of the finest quality and from the most ethical and current practices in the industry, and never cut corners in this regard. My great grandfather used to say "Meglio perdere soldi che infrangere i tuoi principi," "it's better to lose money than break your principles" and this has been the mentality in our family ever since, repeated regularly around our factory. 

We believe passion and talent are our defining characteristics. Since partnering with Michal and Lesley of Hektor + Helena, we have had the opportunity to apply our unique craftsmanship to the custom patterns and designs created by them and their team in Canada. The results are unique, custom pieces inspired by Hektor + Helena's love of fashion, hard-living, and automobiles. We are incredibly excited for you to have an opportunity to see, feel and use the exquisite leather products we have created together and the sort of lifestyle our jointly created products are inspired by and encourage. Our bags are made to last and get more beautiful with age - you will likely never need to replace them.



Daniella, Owner and General Manager

Close up photo of a Hektor and Helena branded back fresh off the production line in Florence, Italy. the bag in the photo in the Antonella Bag, exclusive to Hektor Helena. The imAge is filled by the closeup of the bag, which is a light brown cognac in color, and shows the clasp buckle as well as a closeup of the heat embossed Hektor and Helena logo on the bag.