Our guide to the best bags for men

Men have been embracing bags more and more, but with so many types of bags available, we thought it would be helpful to release a guide on which essential bags and why make the most sense for men. We also list our top favourites that include our bags in addition to other brands we admire. 

You need different types of bags depending upon where you are going, what you're doing or transporting and who you're going to see. You already make these decisions with your outfits, shoes and other accessories like watches or hats. 

The Briefcase or Laptop Bag:

A timeless bag, a leather business bag or briefcase is a workday essential. Designs vary substantially and can be minimalist or exceptionally detailed. This style bag is the choice for making a statement in a professional setting. It is versatile enough to pair beautifully with a bespoke suit or jeans and a sport jacket. 

These bags are smart, practical, and if you buy a good one and care for it, there’s no reason it can’t last for years. Consider a shade of leather that matches your shoes, and keep things simple. As far as functionality, ensure it suits your lifestyle (are you on the go a lot, and need something lighter or...) and look for a large enough console to accommodate a laptop, and some additional slots for essentials like a charger, pens and perhaps a notebook. 

The Weekender or Duffle Bag:

You can't drive up to the Fairmont without a stunning and eye-catching weekender stowed in the frunk of your Porsche 911 or Ferrari F430... Whatever your weekend plans, a weekender bag is so much more classy than your average rollaway. It's an essential getaway companion that holds a weekend's worth of essentials - whether that be for leisure or business. 

It can also serve as a classy gym bag - no vinyl for you, leather will do. 

A practical weekender bag or duffle bag should also fit into an overhead compartment on an airplane. Remember to protect your leather duffle or weekender by using your dust bag when stowing it in the overhead compartment - to avoid unwanted scratches or scuffs. 

You can usually expect two handles and a shoulder-strap, providing a certain versatility when it comes to carrying. While interior and exterior pockets allow you to stow away your possessions in an orderly manner.

The Backpack:

The backpack has reinvented itself and is now considered versatile, stylish an a true classic. Depending on your lifestyle, you could go for the more vintage roll-top style to accommodate you on your adventures or you could explore one that is far more savvy for the business commuter. 

You have the handsfree advantage, they can store your everyday essentials and are typically complete with multiple compartments. Leather styles are considered very office appropriate these days, those large enough to accommodate a laptop or other tech devices. 




Whether it's a more elegantly designed backpack to complement your office attire or one that is more sporty and designed to accommodate you on your adventures, you are getting versatility, practicality and comfort no matter what. 


The Messenger Bag:

The modern messenger bag is great for transporting laptops, paperwork along with other daily essentials and you can tailor it to your own style. Whether it's crossbody or you'd prefer to go handsfree and convert it into a backpack (our Seneca Messenger Bag does just that), it's a classic yet vintage silhouette. 

There are usually adjustable straps, buckles or other interesting hardware accessories, plus additional pockets and compartments to help keep you organized. Unlike the laptop or briefcase bag, this one is more utilitarian. 

Messenger bags are often synonymous with and well-suited to cyclists who carry office paraphernalia. 

Men should not shy away from investing in good quality bags. There are many options available, which allows you to pick the one that will best suit your lifestyle. 


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