For the Love of Leather


Saving up for a piece that will last you for years to come doesn't seem like bad strategy, does it!? 

Buying on the cheap is effortless these days, giving you the ability to have access to the latest trends. However, there is something to be said for purchasing high quality, long-lasting accessories that transcend trends. 

Once you've committed to spending a bit more on a beautiful bag, you know you'll want that bag to satisfy all your practical needs but also make your outfits all the more elegant. 

This is why we love leather. Italian leather. It is timeless, resilient and ends up telling a story of your unique lifestyle as it develops a stunningly rich patina over time and use. 

It is also a great long term investment piece; and it ages like a (delicious) fine wine. Whether you are a frequent shopper or not, leather is the best investment and carries you through season after season. 

Leather is also incredibly durable. Leather luggage, backpacks or other travel bags used daily or when traveling are the ones that prevail through all the adventures. 

Finally, we know leather offers a more sustainable option. For those environmentally conscious buyers, it is a natural material unlike its competitor counterparts (which often require chemical treatments.... ick). 

So, morale of the story is... it may be the pricer option but it often stands the test of time and transcends trends. The bonus? It's handcrafted by a generation of master craftsmen in the heart of Florence, Italy. It truly does not get more authentic than that. 


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